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Solutions for a healthier,

sustainable future

Fermented Soybean

Fermented soybean is a highly versatile ingredient that can be incorporated into a variety of farm animal feeds. It shows great promise as a plant-based protein substitute for fish meal in aquaculture feed, owing to its widespread availability, economic benefits, and high protein and amino acid content.
Using fermented soybean in place of fish meal can contribute to a cleaner environment by reducing the dependence on marine resources (small fish) typically used to produce fish meal.

About us
Young Farmer

At Forward Feed company, we are driven by a shared vision to protect our environment and provide sustainable solutions for the animal farming industry. Through our collective expertise, global partnerships, and focus on fermented soybean consumptıon, we aim to transform the way animal feed is sourced and utilized. We focus on the consumption of fermented soybean used as an animal feed additive, which is at the forefront of animal feed innovation. This is particularly beneficial for young farm animals that require more nutritious feeds.
Join us in our mission to create a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future for animal farming.

Latest News 
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Effects of fermented soybean supplementation on the growth performance by modulating the gut microbiome of weaned piglets

March 6, 2023


The present study provides theoretical support for applying FSBM at 6–9% to promote immune characteristics and regulate intestinal health in weaning piglets.

Fishing Net

How overfishing threatens the world's oceans and why it could end in catastrophe

February 7, 2022

Scientists have long been sounding the alarm about a looming catastrophe of ocean overfishing—the harvesting of wildlife from the sea at rates too high for species to replace themselves. Yet for two decades, global leaders have been at an impasse in their efforts to reverse the damage that has been done.

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